International standard, Mobile Container Fuel Station, Easy migration & installation, Low cost, easy to operate.
Our containerised fuel tanks are available in capacities from 18.500 to 40.000 litres, and for a wide range of applications.
Ideal for shipping and transportation to remote locations, as a turnkey Package, require minimal installation.
All units are available with a wide range of equipment options to client’s requirements.

Main features

  • Double walled cylindrical tank housed inside a 20ft or 40ft High Cube ISO Container.
  • ISO Container with CSC Homologation.
  • The Container provides additional security against shocks and insulation
  • Suitable for use with Diesel, Petrol and Kerosene.

Standard specifications

  • Installed in 20 or 40ft high cube ISO container
  • Suction line for fuel delivery with anti-siphon valve
  • 2” Vent with vent valve
  • Overfill prevention valve
  • Unloading pump and equipment
  • Inspection hatch for access to tank, via container top
  • Tank level gauge
  • Tank and container coated with marine grade paint

mobile container station container filling station